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Believe it or not

Believe it or not

By: Roly Clulow | Oct 19, 2009 | 933 words | 410 views
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Believe It Or Not

Life is a series of choices. We can choose to stay as we are or we can choose to change what and where we find ourselves. With prayer and healing we also have a choice to believe or not to believe. I put a question on a few web sites and group discussion boards to which I received mostly positive some negative and a few undecided answers. I will attempt to put both views forward for you to make your own decision.

In the past few years since diagnosis of having a humanly incurable disease called Inclusion Body Myositis IBM, I have had numerous people praying for my healing. I also have a prayer group at my church who pray for the sick and others all the time.

I have chosen to accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour so I am a born again Christian and believe implicitly in the healing powers of Jesus Christ. Besides the Biblical accounts there have been countless cases of medically confounding healings where people have been inexplicably healed of deadly diseases and live normal lives from then on. I believe that the Lord answers prayer, in His timing, and that if it is His will for me to be healed then it will be so.

I don’t think that anyone can dispute that healings took place in Biblical times and there are still, numerous, well documented miraculous healings taking place today. Accounts where doctors are completely dumbfounded by a sudden reversal in presentation of symptoms and X ray proof. Also where disease is shown on X rays on one day, then prove to be totally clear on the next day.

Coincidence !! ----- I think not.

Fay (Jacksonville, FL) wrote on October 16, 2009 at 7:58am

I know first hand that it is a miracle that I am still here, after being shocked back on 9-7-04 and my husband being told everyday for a week that I was not going to make it, for him to pray, if he believed in God, and he did, he says everything was shutting down and they were convinced I would not make it. They were wrong, God had other plans. Of course now when my husband is aggravated with me I remind him to be careful what he wished for! Without Faith we would not have come this far!

Crystalwrote on 18-10-09

I personally don't think there is an easy answer for that. I know what I believe, and I know other people may strongly disagree with me. In a nutshell, I do believe in a grand design. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but to me there are different types of healing. For my part...yes, I have been angry over what happened to me, but in other ways I benefited as a person due in part to my dealings with this disease. Is that an answer to a prayer? Perhaps, I also believe that miracles take time. We are creatures of the clock, and sometimes it just doesn't move fast or slow enough for us. That doesn't mean it isn't happening...

In most instances there has been prayer involved, whether from the patient or from family and friends. Even at times from total strangers who happen to hear about their plight.

Scientists and sceptics will probably disagree with me here, even though there have been scientifically documented tests done where some patients with the same disease have been split into two groups. One group was prayed for while the other wasn’t. The people praying were not in contact with any of the other participants and none of the groups knew whether they were being prayed for or not. After a couple of months while the two groups of patients were being monitored, it was found that the group that was being prayed for showed some instances of slowing down the disease process and in some instances, remission, while the other group deteriorated at the normal rate. Coincidence!! --- I think not.

I remember the words of a friend who said that he “would truly believe in the power of prayer when he sees a man with one leg come back from a prayer meeting with two." I think that comment trivialises the fact that miracles do occur. That is like saying I won't believe those little drops of water from the sky are "rain" until there's enough to cause a flood.

While I do not dispute that medicine plays a part in the healing of the sick and diseased, I also cannot dispute the fact that miraculous healings do occur. In my view and experience, the power of prayer cannot be disputed. Twenty five years ago I was a practicing alcoholic with repeated relapses after trying to stop. (this is an article on it’s own). Through prayer I stopped cold on one day and with continuous prayer I have been drink free for twenty five years.

I was diagnosed with IBM nine years ago and it eventually came to the point where I needed a power wheelchair. There was no way we could pay for one so we prayed for help like we had been doing for the past twenty five years, but this time specifically for a wheelchair. We contacted the muscular dystrophy foundation here, and they offered me a chair on indefinite loan. Yes, another answer to prayer. There are numerous other instances where prayers have been answered in my life but I won’t repeat them here.

For me the choice is belief in Jesus Christ, prayer, miraculous healings and forgiveness of sin. For others it might not be as easy.

What about you?

It is your choice.

Author Description :

Roly has been wheelchair bound for some years now and he has numerous articles published in magazines in South Africa.

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