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Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables

Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables

By: Adam Khan | Jan 10, 2010 | 552 words | 822 views
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Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables

In 1946 Emile CORNILLEAU set up a carpentry workshop in an old farm building beside the main road at Bonneuil les Eaux in the Oise region. The company was involved in major post-war reconstruction work, both in Breteuil and the surrounding villages. This activity very soon meant putting up a first building and obtaining production machinery.

Later in 1960 Pierre CORNILLEAU (the son of Emile) joined the family business after a good education at the Beauvais Higher Technical College. He handled important, often distant, projects and soon demonstrated a methodological and organised mind.

Then Cornilleau added to its building work a mass industrial production activity (bottle racks, special pallets for the automotive industry, crates for aviation, cages for drying tiles). The company grew year on year, reaching a workforce of 20 at the end of the Sixties.

About 1968 a nearby company COTEXUNION, making garden gates and PVC cabinets, was approached by a big Parisian trading group to supply table tennis tables. This company told CORNILLEAU of their plan, Cornilleau looked into it seriously. At this stage, the building sector was showing certain signs of slowing, and Pierre CORNILLEAU wanted to evolve towards an industrial activity.

Since then Cornilleau is in the business of table tennis table manufacuring and Cornilleau excell their expertise into table tennis tables that by 1980 CORNILLEAU became the French market leader in table tennis tables, offering products with an excellent quality/price ratio. CORNILLEAU has The continuously improved the quality, reduction in costs. Satisfaction and trust of the market is CORNILLEAU's main biggest assets.

In 1988 CORNILLEAU invented the concept of solid laminate outdoor table-tennis tables and later installed using cutting-edge technologies.

"CORNILLEAU Table Tennis Tables were used in Seoul Olympic games and since then Cornilleau table tennis tables have become an Olympic discipline"

CORNILLEAU has completely reinvented its range of "Compact" table tennis tables with major technical innovations, particularly in terms of safety, and a highly innovative design, by making a complete break from the ageing conventional codes.

Cornilleau Technology

With Cornilleau's patented DSI® locking system, the table will automatically lock in complete safety even on uneven surfaces such as lawn, sand, cobblestones and earth. There are 8 locking points in the playing position and 8 in the storage position making this the most safety effective system on the market. In terms of ease of use, the table can be opened and closed by one person using the highly efficient, ergonomic handle.


Safety is the highest priority and Cornilleau developed the Compact Technology® folding system with this in mind. It is designed to handle the table safely and with ease, at the same time minimising storage space. The Compact Technology® folding system reduces the risk of the table falling over and completely removes the risk of a child getting between the 2 halves when the table is folded away.


Tables which have the MAT Top® anti-glare coating allow you to play for hours without being dazzled by the sun's rays - in fact the MAT Top® anti-glare coating reflects 10 times fewer rays


Tables which have a SKIL Top® playing surface are limited to the Competition range. This is a quality treatment to create strong table tops with a high-quality, long-lasting surface. The layers of the playing surface are as follows:

  • High density 3-layer wooden chipboard
  • Acrylic coating and sanding
  • UV acrylic layer
  • Polyurethane lacquer
  • UV acrylic ink

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Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables

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