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Depressive Manic Must Be Treated

Depressive Manic Must Be Treated

By: Stanley Rosen | Apr 4, 2010 | 350 words | 237 views
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The old name for bipolar disorder is manic depressive or depressive manic. They all mean the same thing. This is a disorder that is extremely disruptive to the life of the sufferer and family and friends. It should be noted that this condition can manifest in a mild form as well as in a severe form. Both men and women are susceptible to this disorder. For those who are having to deal with the setbacks of the condition it is very frustrating that the exact reason for it is unknown. Medical professionals all agree it is due to an imbalance of some kind. However, a sufferer is not going to be able to undergo a particular test to show conclusively that this disorder exists. Of course, professionals know it does exist due to how the condition manifests in various individuals.

The most obvious manifestation in a depressive manic is that of mania and depression. Depending on the individual it can be extreme. If it is extreme the person will behave as thought they are invincible. They will be unable to stop talking and even appear to be irrational. It could also be obvious the person has lost touch with reality. In such a case it's clear the person is in need of special care. There are also those who experience the manic phase as mild. Very often such people come across as daring and confident. These people usually get through life without too many problems. Many take risks that actually make them very successful. On the other hand, those who have severe manic episodes go too far and may even believe they are chosen to perform a special mission.

The other side of the manic phase is the depressive phase. This is when the individual with bipolar crashes down into depression. Once again, this can be very severe or mild. If it is severe it can be a very dark place for the sufferer and many do attempt suicide in this state. Professionals do believe the disorder known as depressive manic must be treated as it probably will develop from mild to severe.

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Depressive Manic Must Be Treated

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