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Funeral Etiquette

Funeral Etiquette

By: Ray Subs | Dec 23, 2009 | 365 words | 1466 views
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Many people have attended funerals, and are generally in line with funeral etiquette. However, there are those fortunate people who have never had to attend a funeral at a funeral home, and are not aware of the etiquette required of such a somber ritual. Here are a few tips for those who need information on the expected behaviors at a funeral home.

When you are attending a funeral planning respectful attire is required. Some families do not wish to have everyone dress in their best clothing, as their loved one would not have wanted this. The expected and most respectful attire is that the family dictates for the ceremony. For military funerals, those that have served should wear their dress uniforms and should salute at appropriate times. For civilians at a military funeral, you should follow the lead of the Honor Guard or clergy member. For those attending the average civilian funeral, follow the lead of the clergy member and family. If all are standing during the service as dictated by the family, it is best you follow suit.

When it comes to children at a funeral, there are many funeral arrangements that should be followed. If a child is not old enough to know what a funeral is, it is probably best that they not attend, even if the deceased is a parent. For young children and toddlers that are brought to the funeral homes, the adult taking care of the child should be ready to leave in the event the child becomes loud, simply out of respect. Any child that is brought to a funeral should be made to understand that they must sit quiet for a long period of time, and that if they cannot do so, they will have to leave. This is not only a matter of respecting the family, but the deceased as well.

During graveside services, if everyone is sitting or standing, you should follow suit. For those sitting closest to the grave, these people should remain seated for the service. If asked to speak on behalf of the deceased, it is best to have something prepared rather than go with what comes off the top of your head at the moment.

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