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How to Increase Sperm Count The Best Thing You never know

How to Increase Sperm Count The Best Thing You never know

By: dr mony | Jan 10, 2010 | 518 words | 1612 views
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There is a number of other effective ways on how to increase sperm count. Increasing sperm count is really quite possible when a man produces less sperms however, the condition that like azoospermia, wherein there is no sperms at all, is difficult to treat.

Few of the factors that thus can help increase sperm count are though described below:-

Reduce Stress Level

The best way to enhance overall health and even also to increase sperm count is trying to reduce the amount of stress in life. Stress is actually proved to have negative effects on sperm production and so the total count. Many men who discover them feeling that stressed over due to any reason such as family problem, work pressure or even something out of their reach might have as a less sperm production.

Stop Smoking and alcohol consumption (of any kind)

Another way to increase the sperm count is really quitting fagging and boozing. There have been many clinical trials that actually prove that both of these addictions have negative effects on many organs of the body including the male reproductive organs. Men who are addicted to smoking so have short living sperms. They also tend to produce few sperms and the sperms produced may not be healthy.

The best way to really increase sperm count is to cease smoking and drinking alcohol. Quitting smoking is also a good thought to provide a healthy environment to your newborn in future as it will be saved from second hand smoking!

Hormones in harmony

Here mone imbalance can cause such alteration in male fertility. To increase sperm production you just have the male hormones are to be in harmony. Hormone supplements thus may help in treating male infertility. Also, many health care providers suggest not to wear tight undergarments in order to keep scrotum in their ideal environment and not too hot or too cold either . When a man's genitals are overheated sperm production is better markedly reduced.

Maintain overall health

To produce good and healthy sperms just one has to be in optimum health. Obesity is one of the great impediments to sperm production and so therefore, maintaining body weight is good to keep a man fertile avid. A disease free body is actually also a healthy sign to increase sperm production.

Products to increase sperm count

The market is full of products that greatly help in increase sperm count. Modern medicines such as Viagraa is also said to increase the production of sperms to that extent. However, more and more people are now resorting towards herbal preparations that help such in increase sperm count. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Indian gooseberry, Kuchala, Kapikachchu etc are said to have positive effects on male reproductive system.


Exercises that help strengthening abdominal and pelvic muscles are said to better activate the dull glands. Holistic exercises such as pranayamas and yogasanas are also practiced in many parts of the world (especially Southeast Asian countries like India) in order to better achieve balanced health and also to increase sperm count without any side effects. Some of the holistic healers also favor practicing meditation in order to control stress that has negative effects on sperm production.

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How to Increase Sperm Count The Best Thing You never know

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