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Hyperhidrosis Treatments Are Wide and Varied - Don't Suffer in Silence Anymore

Hyperhidrosis Treatments Are Wide and Varied - Don't Suffer in Silence Anymore

By: Paull Hamilton | Mar 29, 2010 | 473 words | 92 views
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Of all the treatments for Hyperhidrosis I would say that the majority of people seem to favor the natural treatments.

By that I mean using either techniques to control your excess sweating, or the use of herbs, or anything actually which is non-invasive.

It seems that the use of facial scrubs as Hyperhidrosis Treatments is very useful because by the use of these scrubs you are exfoliating your skin. When this exfoliating has been accomplished all the dry skin has been taken away and the pores are cleaned out. You should use facial scrubs but applied to the area of your body which sweats.

You will experience one more rush of perspiration through these cleaned out pores which will dispose of the last of the toxins from your system, then you will only need to use the scrubs twice weekly [no more than twice a week] to maintain a normal sweat production.

You could take a morning drink of sage tea, just one glass per day of cooled sage tea works wonders, plus you can also drink a glass of turnip juice in the mornings. This also helps rid you of excess sweating and any odor problems you may have.

Another good sweat inhibitor is tomato juice. You should drink tomato juice and/or eat tomatoes every day.

Unfortunately Hyperhidrosis is seriously under-diagnosed. Partly because not enough people ask for help, they either don't realize that they have a recognized medical condition or they are too embarrassed. Another reason is because doctors are not always up to the minute with information about this debilitating condition.

Fortunately, through the medium of the internet, people are able to find out more by themselves about Hyperhidrosis and Hyperhidrosis Treatments. There is a mountain of information about this condition and also suggested treatments - all kinds.

There are some excellent ebooks around which give you good reliable information and good suggestions to help you overcome this embarrassing condition.

There is a procedure which I believe should be more widely thought of - acupuncture. Unfortunately western medicine does not consider acupuncture often enough as a Hyperhidrosis Treatment, but this procedure has been around for more than 2,000 years and is used to treat many medical conditions.

Most people will not experience any pain during this procedure because the needles, although solid, are as thin as a hair. Some people feel quite energized by the procedure whereas others just feel relaxed. The only way you would suffer any discomfort would be if you moved about during the treatment or the needles used, were defective.

This is a prime reason, if you are considering using acupuncture as a Hyperhidrosis Treatment that you make sure your practitioner is fully licenced and fully qualified.

Acupuncture if practiced by unqualified people can cause damage, so please be sure to get the best person you can. It's a good idea to ask first if they perform Hyperhidrosis acupuncture.

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Hyperhidrosis Treatments Are Wide and Varied - Don't Suffer in Silence Anymore

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