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Positive Self-Talk Phrases

Positive Self-Talk Phrases

By: Laura Fenamore | Apr 1, 2010 | 711 words | 162 views
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Mon: How much thought do we give to what we say and what it really means in this life? I am a HUGE proponent of positive self-talk, as any of my hundreds of clients and course participants can tell you. There's simply no missing that our bodies are a reflection of our minds. Now this is probably a HUGE contradiction to what you might have learned, heard and grown to believe by this point in your life. The billion-dollar weight loss industry REALLY wants us all to believe that it works the opposite way - that when our BODIES are okay (translated slender), then our minds will follow suit - that there's no connection between how you take care of yourself and your health or beauty.

Do you think that's working? I mean really. Look around. Just in case you have not noticed, we are losing the battle to create healthy bodies - and it hurts us inside AND out.

So learning a new way to live - one that creates enough self-care and positive self-talk is really important. But how are we to know which conversations are positive and which ones are negative?

I have four FAVORITE sayings that could be interpreted all different ways. However, I want to use this article to have a great discussion on positivity, discernment and self love!

No way! I love the expression NO WAY. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you. Why? Because, all over the place, it expresses a sense of awe and wonder. You lost ten pounds? NO WAY! You got your MBA? NO WAY? You ran an extra mile. WOW, NO WAY! What NO WAY is saying is YES is fun and affirming is what it is...You get the picture. YES WAY?

Tues: You're kidding me? Equally ambiguous and amazing is the phrase, "Are you kidding me?" I love this phrase, because like all questions, it gets the dialogue started - the other guy is almost compelled to say, "Nope, it's true." It takes what is obviously wonderful news and validates it back and forth between two people and then it continues the conversation. It says, I want to hear more! "I stopped being afraid of my fat rear and took an aerobics class." "Wow, you're kidding me?"

Wed: No worries. I love the phrase NO WORRIES because it immediately releases another human being from whatever albatross is around their neck (and remember, we often EAT over those things that weigh us down with shame, blame or worry). It is bigger than don't worry about it somehow, and yet it does not invalidate the person's struggle. It simply says that in this moment, between you and I, you may let go of your burden. No worries. I picked up NO WORRIES when I was in Australia and it somehow followed me back up here from down under. I notice more and more people in America saying NO WORRIES instead of NO PROBLEM.

Thurs: Get out (of here)! Okay, if you know me personally, my favorite saying is GET OUT (some times I add the "of here")! It is as sweet and funny as an expression could be, because I don't want anyone to get out! I want everyone to come on in and join the party! So there's kind of an inside joke there. For me, it's the combination of all of the above sayings with a little twist of humor. As I've learned with twenty-one years of maintaining a 100-pound weight loss, HUMOR is a wonderful tool in ANY situation. Think of Elaine in Seinfeld. How many times did she scream, "GET OUT OF HERE" as we all cracked up. You must watch some old Seinfeld episodes if you have not watched the show. Elaine is a hoot and this is one of her signature lines.

Fri: The bottom line is that what we say is SO important. It's important to the person we're speaking with, but it's even MORE important to us. Every word is like a bite of food. Ask yourself today: "Am I feeding myself healthy, positive words? Or am I filling my belly with negative self-talk and starving my heart and soul?" The truth is that the more positive we are, the better our lives will be, inside and out.

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Laura Fenamore, CPCC is a gifted Body Image Mastery Mentor and a celebrated speaker, lecturer and teacher to thousands of people worldwide. Laura´s company, Body Image Mastery, is devoted exclusively to helping people find balance in their lives and learn to value the home they get to live in - their body. Her vision is living in a world where health and body image are celebrated.

Positive Self-Talk Phrases

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