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Precisely What Constitutes Codependency

Precisely What Constitutes Codependency

By: KarinVerbeek | Oct 12, 2010 | 364 words | 189 views
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A general definition of codependency often involves the kind that often troubles romantic relationships. One partner will undertake everything he or she can to satisfy his or her partner, while the spouse uses these deeds to the point of making the codependent partner bend over backwards, affecting his or her health, sanity, and finances. If left untreated, the codependent partner may develop other serious side effects, for example anxiety disorder, PTSD, depression, or suicidal urges.

An alternate definition of codependency involves controlling codependents. Controlling codependents feel they must have an impact on the lives of others by dictating their every action. Common signs of controlling codependents include choosing for the other partner where to go, what to eat, or what to wear. Frequently he or she will not let the partner to visit family members. Controlling codependents commonly feel that they must handle everything, since their partner wouldn't be able to work without them.

Although the definition of codependency often falls under romantic relationships, the fact of the matter is that you may also notice it in platonic relationships also. Oftentimes the relationships between parents and child are codependent as well. A common example of this includes parents who always sacrifice for their child's every choice to the point where it weakens their health or sanity.

As per the definition of codependency, these instincts often relates to childhood abuse in dysfunctional families. As their parents show neglect or cruelty, children adopt to try and expect what their parents like. This is a defense process that can greatly affect relationships when they grow up.

If the definition of codependency seems familiar, it's time to consider getting help. Organizations such as Codependents Anonymous are great for helping you through this distressing ordeal. Their twelve step program helps you to examine yourself and your relationship toward others in a manner that will help you to realize why you act the way you do. Counseling and group therapy are other possibilities you can consider. The truth of the matter is that you don't need to live through these problems alone. By getting help and overcoming your codependency, you will be doing your own part to live a healthier, fuller life. Learn more today!

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Codependence and Codependent Lifestyle

Precisely What Constitutes Codependency

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