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Reasons to Go Organic

Reasons to Go Organic

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A trout and a salmon might be two different kinds of fish, but when you look at the bigger picture; both of them are still fish. Just like two apples of the same color, they could be of the same species too, but when one is grown organically and the other is produced conventionally, then they are definitely different fruits. Organic vegetables and fruit farmers produce the organic fruit & vegetable by planting and tiling them in the most natural methods avoiding chemical compounds such as pesticides, super growers and synthetic fertilizers. While conventionally cultivated crops have been sprayed with chemicals that protect the fruits and vegetables from insects, it also increases their growth and thus making the harvest plenty. Both farms may have the same land areas, but an organic farm prefers to have naturally grown produce even though its product isn't as large as the conventionally grown ones.

There are many benefits of having organic fruit vegetable food as your preference. For starters, organic food in Australia has 50% more vitamins and minerals than the usual stocks you see in the major retail stores. So even if you spend a little more to get your organic fix, you will also spend lesser on vitamins as your food intake already contains the same or more amounts of nutrients that you get from your daily tablets. If you happen to be a meat lover, fear not as there are also many organically bred livestock that aren't fed with medicines and growth enhancing drugs which we also have a risk of absorbing ourselves. Eating organic wholesale food is only one way of keeping us healthy, if you want to protect the largest part of our body, which is our skin then wearing organic clothes will definitely be the best thing to do as they do not contain any harmful dyes that our skin might take in.

Organic food in Sydney is usually grown in smaller farms and gardens, so by making a commitment to purchase organic food, you are also helping the community and their livelihood.

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Reasons to Go Organic

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