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Stop Lispinng Success--See How I Overcome Lisping Quickly and Painlessly

Stop Lispinng Success--See How I Overcome Lisping Quickly and Painlessly

By: hei55 | Dec 7, 2009 | 309 words | 516 views
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My name is Ari Kreitberg.

Just over 5 years ago, I was a full-blown Lisper working at a dead-end factory job earning minimum wage.

Shortly after, I tried geting a few other jobs in customer service and telemarketing, but couldn't keep them due to my Lisp problem....

Just from the fact that I wasn't able to hold down a job due to my lisping and low self confidence which stemmed from it, I knew I had to do something quick before it destroyed my life even further.

When I finally got fed up enough with my Lisp and decided to take action, I looked for every possible way to rid myself of this speech problem. I made a few key discoveries, and I was at least lucky enough to focus on what was working. .

... I know what it's like to struggle with a Speech Lisp ....

Years later, I started to search for tools and ways to control my Lisp when I spoke. I loved it when my recipes for stopping Lisp helped others too.

One of my partners, Jeremy and I have just produced arguably the most extreme Lisp stopping programs in existence ... you simply follow the technique inside our Kill Your Lisp program and it starts eliminating your Lisp problem in just minutes. This same technique saves you countless hours and thousands of dollars on speech therapy... simpleyet powerful huh?

if you haven't outgrown your lisp problem past childhood then a speech therapist is a cure to consider.
I suffered from severe lisping & stuttering for a major part of my teenage years. Only when I made a conscious effort to re-train my speech that I saw a positive improvement in my lisp. Overall, it took 1 year to treat (mine was a severe case).
Sometimes, the length of your tongue can also add to your lisping problem.

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Stop Lispinng Success--See How I Overcome Lisping Quickly and Painlessly

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