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Work Out Your Troubles : Aerobic exercise can do a lot for your body and mind. Flannery says it can induce a sense of well-being and tone down the stress response. And you don't need to run a marathon, either, three 20 minute periods of exercise each week is enough. So take a break and get out there and walk, swim, bike, jog, or aerobicize. Check with your doctor first before starting any program if you're not a regular exerciser or if you have any significant health problems.

Opt For an Unstimulating Diet : Cut back on caffeine, a dietary stimulant that Flannery says can make you feel anxious even when you have no problems. Who needs the extra jitters? Nicotine can do the same, so reduce or give up the cigarette habit.

Change The Self-Talks in Your Head : We all have silent conversations with ourselves every day, and Eliot believes these "self-talks" can have great power over our stress levels. Negative, tension causing thoughts such as, What will the IRS do to me? Will I get that promotion?-aren't helpful. They paint us in to a corner and offer us no choices. Rational, more positive self-talks can "give us some choices and allow us to cool off," says Eliot. Irrational self-talks may be a longstanding habit with you, so Eliot suggests you slowly try to modify them, a little at a time.

Realize You Can't Control All Stresses : Though we'd like to reduce stress to ground zero, there are some situations we can't do anything about. Hurricanes, death, and earthquakes, for instance, are beyond your control. "Some stresses you can't hope to control, and some you can do something about. The wisdom is in learning how to distinguish between the two so you don't waste your time and talent constantly being frustrated by trying to change things you can't influence," says Rosch.

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