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Understanding a Loved One's Gout

Understanding a Loved One's Gout

By: Anne Ahira | Aug 28, 2010 | 479 words | 258 views
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If your loved one has been diagnosed with gout, it is quite likely that you have a natural curiosity about this particular condition. Gout is an arthritis based condition that comes as a result of high levels of uric acid within the body. This acid is naturally contained within each one of our bodies. It is most often filtered out through the kidneys. For the individual that has gout, the uric acid is not filtered and eliminated from the body appropriately.

As it remains in the body, it starts to harden and turns into a type of crystal. These crystals could cause complications such as hard, painful nodules under the skin, kidney stones, and an intense degree of pain and discomfort for the sufferer. In this guide, you will learn important steps on how to be understanding of a loved one's diagnosis of gout.

Emotional Understanding

When an individual suffers from gout, it will result in many changes in their life. The symptoms may prevent the person from enjoying the activities that they once enjoyed. They may start to experience many physical limitations and symptoms that prevent them from being as physically active as they were prior to the onset of the illness. This may produce a high level of anxiety and/or depression within the person.

They may start to feel guilty because they are unable to make commitments, visit others, and do activities with social groups like they used to. The best step for assisting your loved one is to show them that you are emotionally supportive of their situation. If they are unable to do activities, bring the activities to them. If they want to discuss their illness, be their sounding board. Emotional support is essential when it comes to helping your loved one cope with gout.

Physical Assistance

It is important to understand that gout has a detrimental effect on the joints, muscles, and connective tissues of the body. In addition to this, it also affects the organs of the body - especially the kidneys. As a result, it may result in a limited range of motion and limited movements. If you want to be supportive of your loved one, it is important to understand that physical assistance may be necessary.

You may have to help your loved one move from one location to another, help them with their personal care, or even help them with the chores that need to be done around their home. This may include cleaning their home, washing their dishes, doing their laundry, or even performing tasks that need done in the yard.

If you want to be supportive and understanding, it is important to be there for your loved one in both an emotional and physical manner. By doing so, you will not only assist them in coping, but it will help you cope with the diagnosis that they have received and the effects that it has on them.

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Understanding a Loved One's Gout

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