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When Loved Ones Die

When Loved Ones Die

By: Obed Kirkpatrick | Apr 3, 2010 | 400 words | 244 views
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Death affects us all differently. Depending on what you believe, it can be a joyous occasion or it can be a traumatic one. In the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon says "a good name is better than precious ointment, and the day of death than the day of one's birth." Christians believe that when they die they will be in the presence of God. Knowing this, they should be happy when a loved one dies and they should be sad when a baby is born. Why is that, you say? 

If we have lived long, we have experienced trials and tribulations in our lives. We often times worry over the inability to pay our bills. We struggle with what our children are being subject to on a daily basis; we worry whether or not we will have employment.

So when a baby comes into this world we should be saddened because we know what is in store for them down the road.   So why do some believers feel okay once a loved one dies while others go through months of despair? Often times one's emotions are directly tied to their immediate surroundings. If you spend time in the presence of positive thinkers, they will lift you up and not drag you down. Conversely, if your time is spent in the presence of pessimistic people you will most likely be dragged down because they are very seldom happy and content.

In the biblical book of Proverbs we are told "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."

What this say to me is if my heart is sure of God's love and it is also full of a desire to be a good representative of God on earth, our lives reflect what our heart feels - peace and contentment.   However, if you do not believe in God you can think  on the positive elements of the departed one's life.

Did you enjoy being with them? Be thankful you had them for the time you did. If they made you laugh, remember the things that brought on the laughter. If they were comforters, be a comfort to someone as they were.

Most people grieve with the passing of a loved one because they are sadden they will not have them around anymore. Sure, you are going to miss them, and that is natural. But remember this, as long as they are in your heart, they are never gone from your presence.

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In 1975 Obed began a non-denominational church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was the pastor-teacher there for twenty-five years. In 2000 he and his wife Linda moved to Franklin, Tennessee to be near three of his six grandchildren. Obed has published two books on how one should study the Bible and numerous pamphlets on religious issues. He often travels to speak at Bible conferences in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and his adopted state of Tennessee.

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